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We are a launchpad for interdisciplinary design explorations, offering tools and resources to our community to participate in building the future of living.

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Dive Live!

Hear from experts and participate in exciting conversations with creators from all around the world from our underwater Stage.

Dive Lives are short presentations and a Q&A session where each Friday at 12:00 pm EST, a guest speaker shares with the community ideas and projects that deal with the future of living and topics like Architecture, VR/AR and 3D printing, Projection Mapping and Web3.

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Serendipity Furniture

Furniture designs that will forever change your life.

Serendipity Furniture brings exclusive and limited-edition furniture designs that you can use to decorate your favourite spaces, both physical and digital.

Join the wait list, be at the right place and time and obtain a rare and beautiful piece of furniture that comes with a virtual model of itself that you can import to the Metaverse.

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Bridge the gap! Dr James Ghattas and Dr Mohammed Omar host this bi-weekly educational platform offered to medical professionals, students and enthusiasts that believe in technology as a way to enhance medical education everywhere.

Discover the future of education diving deep into the medical sciences in an immersive environment.


Sunken Blimp Labs

We are all in for experimentation to drive innovation.

This is our playground, the place where we put creativity and curiosity to the test in different experiments that deal with technology and design.

From sustainable greenhouses to tackle land scarcity for food production to motion responsive projection mapping, is here in the labs where life-changing ideas come to life.



Sunken Blimp Academy

There’s no knowledge without hands-on experience.

Get to know our all-around educational content in Sunken Blimp Academy, the platform that gathers workshops, tutorials and tools for community creators.

Do you have great ideas but don’t know how to take them into reality? Let us engage in jolly cooperation and build to bring humanity to new levels.

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