Hall Pass

Hall Pass


What is the Hall Pass

A limited edition access pass is reserved for the very first Passengers welcomed aboard Sunken Blimp. Considering it is the very first point of entry with only 100 available, owning one of the Hall Passes grants you many special access features for the undergoing project, ownership over one of the Docks, and you will receive our first physical product, the Gear Door.

96/100 Available




The Stage

Early Access To The Sunken Blimp Stage, where we host events, conversations, podcasts, presentations, and contests.



Community Contests

Hall Pass Holders can enter our design contests and present their proposals. The selected winner receives prizes and can have their project prototyped and built both virtually and physically.



Lifetime Phygital Party Access

Who does not like to party? Some of the events at Sunken Blimp are hosted in both the physical and digital world simultaneously, where we explore the interactions between people by aligning both realities.




Dock Ownership

Ownership of a DOCK, a virtual garage where users can park their physical spaces and interact with phygital applications.



NFT Pass

Hall Pass NFT Artwork – It will be yours to use, collect, or sell.



Physical Products

Gear Door

In case the open door concept was not clear enough, we are also sending all Early Adopters the Gear Door, a set of modular pieces you can assemble to open a door handle using you foot.




The Gear Door


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