The Gear Door

The Gear Door

Why should you be stuck
with a product created
thousands of years ago?

The Design

The organic design breaks away from the rigidity of your common industrial gear. The geometry takes inspiration from bone structures and fractal patterns, providing a rigit structure with minimal material, ideal for 3D Printing.

Why open it with your foot?

We took into consideration many reasons. People with a disability could use this alternative, or our entire civilization facing COVID and other spreading viruses. However, one of the most important reasons is: Why not? Why comply with the standard way of living when we have to power to create our story. Our methods. Our choices.

THE NFT 100 / 100

Since our idea is to change how we do things, why not change It completely? Instead of selling this as a design product, 100 sets of the Gear Door will be shipped to the first hundred people to acquire our first Non-Fungible Token (NFT). The Sunken Blimp Hall Pass |s a digital asset minted into the Etherium Blockchain. Soon, the pass will serve as an early access key to the metaverse spaces we are creating. Only the holders will have a chance to explore it and be part of this exciting new project. Check out the collection and claim one on our Open Sea page.

Open sea